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Evergreen Affiliate Program Announced: Saturday, August 13th 2016

Exciting affiliate opportunity. Great evergreen program.

Yes, sweet, sweet money in the form of our new health offer: Alpha Levo IQ.

Other affiliates have gone here to get their hands on $2–$3.50 EPCs and $100 CPAs.

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And please let us know if we can hook you up with any presells or swipe for your list—It'd be our pleasure.

What is Alpha Levo IQ?

Alpha Levo IQ is a revolutionary breakthrough in human potential maximization. It combines the synergistic power of 4 proprietary Neuro Cognitive Enhancing ingredient blends into one easy to swallow capsule. Every aspect of Alpha Levo IQ’s blend has been carefully chosen and rigorously tested to provide “limitless” results. Alpha Levo IQ is designed specifically to help you unlock your FULL potential.

It's not only your RIGHT to reach your full potential -- it's your personal responsibility. You were put on this earth for a reason. Whether you know it or not, you have a mission in life -- a vision and contribution to the world that is uniquely yours. And if that mission is never realized, the world will be robbed of something wonderful.

When you’re looking to promote a hot offer in this niche, look no further as the opportunity to promote a high-quality product with a reputation to back it is right in front of you. The pre-sell video converts at an extremely high rate and you’ll be taking advantage of a rockin’ CPA payout of $100.

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Click Syndicate - Alpha Levo - JV Invite