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    Starting from Scratch

    Hi, What advice would you give someone who has created a great product but doesn't have a list or JV partners.

    How would he launch with a bang with no resources like this?

    Appreciate the...
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    Hello from London

    Hi, my name is Amin.

    I'm looking forward to working alongside some marketers, although I'm not a marketer myself.
    I don't even have a list.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Can you contact me on Skype? My ID is: webkept

    Can you contact me on Skype?

    My ID is: webkept
  4. Send One eMail For Me and I'll Sell Hundreds of Your Product Along With Optins

    I have 2 deals and I'd like to strike one of these with anybody who wants to make sales or receive visitors.

    I can either do an adswap with you (up to 300,000) or another type of deal.

    If you...
  5. I'd Like to Promote Your Product - Possibly with 100s of Sales

    If you have a "make money" or "Internet Marketing" related product or service, I'd like to promote it for you using my site.

    I want to promote your product and make a lot of sales but not in the...
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