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  1. Are you an awesome Product Launch Manager?

    Hi there!

    Hows it going?

    I'm looking to partner with a product launch manager.

    "How I made $40,873 with apps"
    (and got 1.4 Million app downloads)

    That's my story and I've created...
  2. Hey Mark. You're right. I'm looking for a...

    Hey Mark.

    You're right.

    I'm looking for a JV manager.

    I've met a few charging an upfront free and 10% of the gross sales.

    Right now I'm investing a lot in creating mobile apps for the...
  3. How to partner with a heavy-hitter and do a launch?

    Hey guys.

    Need your opinion on something..

    I've created a series of products, their salesletters, autoresponder series, sales flow, etc.
    (All based on my story: "How I made $40,873 with mobile...
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