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The importance of "The Relationship"

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There is a lot of discussion on the importance of "the list". The collection of email addresses that you have that are willing to receive your mailings. However, in today's FAST PACED environment, we quickly lose site of the fact that the people on your list are more than just potential buyers.

They are living breathing people who deserve to be treated well. Most people join a list because, somehow, they were convinced that they would be provided some benefit. Now, immediately you think about the "ethical bribe" you might have given them... download this free report, click here to see this free video, whatever.

But what then? Do you just begin slamming them with affiliate labeled emails and hope that some convert?

If you want to DRAMATICALLY increase the conversion rates of your lists, you will need to build a relationship with them. The following are some tips that I follow... I'd love to hear from everyone if you have tips too...

1.) Send at least 1 email, per week, that isn't a link to something. In this email, it's best to provide REAL, usable information that is targeted to your audience. I find that things like "Top 10" lists go over well... For example, if it is a Law of Attraction list, I will send an email "Top 10 Ways to Attract Money". You get the idea.

2.) Don't get all "Formal Voice". I can't tell you how many split tests I've seen that compare "pro-tone" with "lax-tone". Pro-tone is where you talk all professional and list features like you would list computer specs. Lax tone is the way you would speak with a friend. Not once, have I ever seen a pro-tone email out-rank a lax-tone email. Not even when the lax-tone email was full of typos! Don't be afraid to be human, real, and vulnerable to your list!

3.) Own up to mistakes! In fact, mistakes are an opportunity to appear more human to your members. Use it to give yourself an opportunity to make an extra contact with them. WARNING: DO NOT ABUSE THIS. If you send too many "Oops, I messed up" emails, your members will see right through it!

4.) Invite members to reply directly to you... AND ANSWER THEM BACK! About every 2 months, I will pose a question to my members. You will be amazed how many of them will write you back. I then will reward them by including something free (non-sales oriented), like an e-book or something, in my response. Once, I sent an email out, and got 900 replies. It took me 3 days, but I hand wrote a personal response to each and everyone of them. Funny... my sales rose by 30% for the next 4 months. Amazing what a little effort can do.

5.) Stay positive. A trick I learned when working a sales job (in the "real world"), was to smile when you talk to people on the phone. Studies have shown that, even an artificial smile can be perceived by people on the other end of a phone. The real shocker? Smiles can also be perceived by people reading emails too! If you can force yourself to smile when you write sales copy, you will be amazed at how your response will improve.