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Reuben Oyeyele

My First Contact With Internet Marketing

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I can not definitely say that I am a good internet marketer but I am willing to learn and that is one of the main reasons why I joined community on recommendation.

I was introduced to internet marketing by a completely unknown person (now he is my best friend for obvious reasons). I was struggling with existence and had no hope then I ran into him.

I will ever be grateful to him as I wrote in one of the posts on my recently launched blog My First Introduction To Affiliate Programs.

Ever since, I a struggling man and without any hope finally started to generate income not much but enough to take care of the most essential things in life such as food, rent, bills and something to send to my children.

I would not like to say too much because as a starter I have no experience and as I said earlier, I am willing to learn.

Since English is not my mother tongue sometimes I find it difficult to express myself to others.

I read all e-books I could lay my hands on and every thing that has to do with making money online. Just like everyone else, I was scammed, robbed and cheated but I guess we all have to pass through that phase as well.

I accidentally stumbled on a link and registered them I got free lessons from a guy called Brad Callen (I think it was 7 SEO something). That opened my eyes. I got the trial of his keywordElite which helped me to understand the very basics. Ever since, whenever I come across the name, I immediately become alert and attentive.

I have been in certain niches which many might shun but in my country, we have limitations (Paypal for instance) and as such I was restricted to affiliate programs which do not require paypal for payments. Our country was not even listed in Clickbank until late last year. So you get the picture.

In fact I set up Bloggerdreams in order to begin a new adventure into other niches other than the ones I am presently in.

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