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How to Generate Highly Targetted Traffic and Opt-ins with FREE Re-brandable Reports

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In my opinion viral marketing is one of THE best tools in your internet marketing arsenal.

I'm going to show you how you can let a report (or eBook) loose on the internet TODAY, and it will generate highly targeted traffic to your website by NEXT WEEK and for several months to come.

All you need to do is give away your report for free, with re-branding rights, and it will then be picked up by other internet marketers, shared and generally distributed and read by people all over the internet.

Couldn't I sell my report instead?

Well you could, but the whole point of viral marketing is THE LINKS which are included in the report. Yes, some people will come along, take the free report, and sell it themselves, but that's fine. That's what we want. Sure, you could probably make some money by just selling the report yourself, but it's not the best way to do it. We want the report to be seen by as many people as possible in order to gain maximum exposure, and that's why the report should be free.

Couldn't I sell my report?

Many people believe that just because you're giving away your report for free, it will become viral on its own. In my opinion this is a mistake, and here's why:

When we unleash a free report on the internet we're looking for as many people as possible to read it, re-brand it, and share it. As we just discussed, this is how the viral effect is created.

Sadly, many free reports are of very low quality. They contain poorly-written, out-dated or just plain wrong information, no one is going to read it, much less share it with anyone else!

Think about it from another internet marketer's point of view. Someone comes along and offers you a new report for free, and tells you that you're free to re-brand it, re-sell it and distribute it as you please. Great!

As an internet marketer youll be delighted that someone wants to give you a new info product for free. But then you check it out and find that the book is only 5 pages long but contains 35 links, and is full of irrelevant or incorrect information...

Would you be happy to sell that or pass it on to your subscribers? Me neither.

Which is why as well as being free, your report needs to contain high quality, useful information that you'd be happy to share with a member of your own family. Your report doesn't need to be particularly long, but it does need to be interesting and worth sharing. This is essential if you want your report to go viral. It isn't difficult to create a high demand info product and if you join me on Loyaltepays I can show you exactly how to do it.

People are lazy, so make it easy for them

The other thing to consider is having a highly converting eye-catching Opt-in page designed to attract highly targeted visitors, and optimized so that within 15 seconds they are ready to give you their contact info, name and email address in order to get your FREE VIRAL report.

With a simple, but optimized Opt-in page you'll vastly increase the number of people who will want to grab a copy of your report to re-brand and give away for profit.

Remember, the more people distributing your report, the better.

Making Money with Re-brandable e-Products

As we've already discussed, the whole point of a viral report is not to make money from actually selling the report, but to drive traffic to your website by allowing others to make money through the links inside your report.
  • By allowing others to re-brand at least some of the affiliate links inside your report, you are giving them an added incentive to share it with everyone they know.
  • By allowing others to insert their own affiliate IDs in your report, you are enabling them to make money for simply distributing it, and this is exactly what you want, to get as much exposure for your business as possible.
The good news is you can do this with all types of e-Products: PDF reports, eBooks, Videos and even Webinars!

The most Viral e-Products are those
with a built-in loyalty program, that pays you AND your subscribers for simply sharing it!

That is a true viral marketing as it will spread like wildfire.

When you put together high quality content with built in incentives for others to give away your report for FREE there is no more stopping it.

Loyaltepays gives you a loyalty plug-in that you can simply add to all your e-Products and the re-brander tools that allow you set the re-branding permissions to all or some of the affiliate links, plus real-time tracking and commission reports.

When you enter Loyaltepays, you enter a whole new world of possibilities and you get access to thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs eager to distribute your e-Products.

Loyaltepays business model, tools and resources are designed to reward internet users everywhere to share the information they like, anywhere they like; and that is the exact crowd you need and that will take your e-Products viral really fast!

Getting Paid to Promote Your Own e-Products!

Since youd be the first one to re-brand your e-Products and insert your Loyaltepays REFERRAL ID in them, and because the re-brander tools are located on your Loyaltepays business profile page, you will earn a $1 Loyalty Reward for every one of your subscribers that RE-BRANDS your e-Product as a FREE member of Loyaltepays, plus a 50% monthly reoccurring commission on every FREE referral that upgrades to our Premium membership subscription.

So, even though your subscribers may already have read your reports and watched your latest videos and webinars, this is a great opportunity to re-purpose your content or simply send it to them again but this time youd be able to tell them that they can GET PAID TO SIMPLY SHARE this information, and you already know they liked it, so you will have a high number of subscribers jumping on the opportunity of making money for simply distributing your e-Products.

And best of all, none of this money comes out of your pocket!

A few final words

Viral marketing is also great way of getting highly targeted traffic to your website. The main obstacle is getting your report out to the first few hundred people. After that it's easy.

Once you've done the initial work you can just let go and you will see magic happening in front of your eyes that's the beauty of viral marketing it takes on a life of its own!

What's next?

Whether you already have a report, eBook or Video or you just have a cool idea that you want to see take off, come and see us at Loyaltepays today and join us for free to experience Viral Loyalty Marketing for yourself.

We can certainly help you get your business off to a flying start!

I would love to hear your story!

What has been your biggest challenge to get your business of the ground? If I can help, I would love to do so. Has this eBook made a difference in your business? Id love to hear about that too. Or do you perhaps have an idea youd like to share with me?

Here is to sharing success,

Heide Holtz