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Author Brenda Mohammed wins Gujarat Sahitya Academy Award

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Brenda Mohammed made headlines in the Sunday Herald in Ethiopia on Sunday 6th September 2020.

A full article about her was written by Alem Hailu, Chief Editor.
You can read it at this link.

Here is the article:

Author Brenda Mohammed was honoured with Prashamshith Pathr (Certificate of Honour) by the world’s most active writers’ forum ‘Motivational Strips’ and India Government’s premier literary institution ‘Gujarat Sahitya Akademi.’
Brenda Mohammed, a former bank manager, is a prominent writer and poet from Trinidad. She has been writing vivid literary genres from a very young age.
She is today a role model to all her fellow writers having authored 27 books.
She has won several awards during her seven-year writing career from the USA, Oman, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, and India.
She has now created a bigger impact in literature after having won an International award of such stature from two gigantic literary institutions.
Motivational Strips has writers from 163 countries and the monthly visitors to its page crosses 7.3 million.
They had combined with the Indian Government’s ‘Gujarat Sahitya Akademi’ during India’s 74th Independence Day, to honour 350 poets and writers from 80 countries.
This is the first time two world popular literary entities have merged to identify national and international talents.
The best of prominent world poets and writers were selected for the awards. The Founder of Motivational Strips, Shiju H.Pallithazheth has applauded Brenda Mohammed for bringing pride to Trinidad by making a mark in global Literature.
The Chairman of ‘Gujarat Sahitya Akademi’ Dr. Vishnu Pandya states, ‘this moment will remain historic in world literature.’
Author Brenda Mohammed continues to inspire the world readers by setting a benchmark in Global Literature. She is currently writing her 28th book.

Alem Hailu continues:
A word with a famous author with meteoric rises,
Hearing about the other award our former guest, Brenda Mohammed added to her bag I have emailed her about her feelings and new developments.
Herald:- You are achieving success after success. How do you describe your feelings?
Brenda:- Alem, While I feel elated with each success, I am still the same simple Brenda, who enjoys the simple things in life. I can only say that these successes motivate me to write more. To date, I have written 27 books and ten of them are bestsellers.
Herald:- Could you tell us the secret behind your success?
Brenda:- Alem, there is no secret to success.
Many people have asked me this question and my answer has always been to keep focused in whatever you do, remain persistent, and never give up.
Herald:- What do you advise aspiring writers who dream to follow in your footsteps?
Brenda:- I advise them to read my book, ‘How to Write for Success.’
The five- star reviews I received for that book are many.
In that book, I have stated in every chapter, how to be a successful writer.
Many who have read it have benefited and are successful writers today.
Herald:- In the post-Covid-19 era, the order of things has changed. The same is true of authorship and readership. What can you say about this? How do you see books as a favorite pastime?
Brenda:- Yes. Life has changed. Many are turning to Literature because it has remained constant.
I see an increase in writers and readers in the Literary forums, Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers’ forum, which now has 7.3 million visitors a month and writers from 163 countries.
Shiju H Pallithazheth is the Founder of Motivational Strips and I am Regional Director – Operations.
As the Founder of How to Write for Success Literary forum, I have also seen a large increase in membership.
Herald:- Given your meteoric rise in the field of literature shall we expect a Noble prize?
Brenda: Alem, I have not yet dreamt of such an achievement, but I leave that one for the Almighty if he so wills it.
The Ethiopian Herald September 6/2020 CLICK HERE
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