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#newrelease what happened to mary loo?

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WHAT HAPPENED TO MARY LOO is the third book in the Barry Holmes Mystery series written by Author Brenda Mohammed, multi-award-winning and best-selling author of 26 books.

FOREWORD Florabelle Lutchman
DEDICATED TO Dr. Mirii Myriam
The book description follows:
What Happened to Mary Loo is the third book in the Barry Holmes Mystery Series written by Brenda Mohammed author of 26 books.
Immediately after the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic is lifted, Jacob’s wife Mary Loo, a businesswoman. disappears in a bizarre incident in front of their home in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad.
Detectives Rudolph Sergeant and Joseph French fail to find a suspect and tries to pin Mary’s disappearance on her husband Jacob and the helper Josie.
Officer Jean Bryant disagrees with the detectives.
Barry Holmes steps in and does his own investigations, dismisses both detectives, and chooses Officer Jean Bryant on his team.
You will be taken on a roller coaster ride thereafter to discover what happened to Mary Loo.
The story is interspersed with delightful romantic sub-plots for readers’ enjoyment.
Is Mary alive?
The first book in the series, The Gift of Love, once made it to Best Seller No 1 in all three categories - one-hour mystery thriller, private investigations, and kidnapping fiction.
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