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Efrhen Gallego - Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide - JV Invite

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Efrhen Gallego - Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide - JV Invite
Launch Day: Tuesday, May 12th 2020

Cash in on the Greatest Health and Economic Disaster of the Last 100 years,
While at the same time helping people and saving lives.

What was the last time you talked with a relative or a friend about Internet Marketing? Not recently? what about The Killer Coronavirus? That is what you see in the news and the main topic of conversation.

In Mid-February, I was going about my business giving the finishing touches to an Info product about WordPress Website Speed Optimization that had been three months under development.

But as the Coronavirus pandemic exploded into everyone's attention I decided to drop everything and dedicate all my time to research this scary new threat. That is how Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide came about to be.

During the last two months I have spent over 16 hours a day researching online. I also have reached out too frequently to friends and relatives in the Medical and Economics field. I was trying to understand the ramifications and consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic. What I discovered was GRIM, as I went back and studied the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 and The Great Depression. Together with highly knowledgeable Health Care and Financial Professionals, I have put together the Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide.

Go take a look at the sales page. Sorry guys , no fancy videos on the sales page.

Did not have the opportunity to reach out to JV Partners to make a better funded launch, so no Big Cash prizes, either.

Now I know in this business many times we are guilty of hyping things. Not this time around.

We have gone over the sales page with the team and made sure every single promise and every single phrase in the copy matches up with information within the product.

I also took the unprecedented decision to advertise clearly in the Front-End copy "NO REFUNDS ALLOWED" "ALL SALES ARE FINAL". We are not accepting tire-kickers or time wasters. If you convert a SALE, your commission is yours to keep, as should be. We think our product is THAT good. The customer does have a 30 days Money- Back Warranty on the #1 Upsell or #1 Downsell One Year membership.

WARN PayPal because your account Balance WILL explode. This baby can be promoted to EVERYBODY because it isn't just for the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online Crowd. It is for anyone that is concerned about the ongoing Pandemic because .... guys IT IS NOT OVER.


Proven Funnel in a Red-Hot Niche
85% in the Front End --> 60% in the Back-End
Grab to opportunity to collect your share of yearly recurring commissions on combined Health/Investment Newsletter memberships.
Front-End Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide $12.95-$19.95 Dimesale
Upgrade #1/Downsell #1 Survive and Prosper 2020 ($39.95-$59.95)

Check out our Jv-Page

Efrhen Gallego - Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide - JV Invite

See you on the inside!!

Efrhen Gallego - Pandemic 2020 Survival Guide - JV Invite
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