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" You can never honour a woman enough, but you definitely tell her sometime that she is the reason, the world's a better place..."
One of the expressions that describe a woman is - ""She is a selfless and dedicated summit of truth and creativity. S
She is real, she is substance and a society that does not revere her is not worth being called one!
This selflessness, this devotion to a cause is what constitutes the real woman of substance.
This is the reason why the "i' in iWoman awards is small, despite assuming the pan-important emblem of identity."

The iWoman Global Awards, 4th Edition will be held on 8th March 2020, in Delhi, India and one of the Nominees is BRENDA MOHAMMED.

Brenda's strengths are all listed on LinkedIn and have received several endorsements.
Prolific Writer - She is the author of twenty-four published books.
Poetry Writing - She published two books of poetry.
Literary Critic - She has been a juror in several writing contests.
Social Media Strategy - She is very interactive on social media
Business Strategy - Her banking and insurance experience are great assets.
Advertising - Her advertising strategies helped to make many of her books best sellers.
Blogging - Her regular blog posts keep her readers and fans close.
Banking - As a former bank manager her knowledge in this area is extensive.
Insurance - Having worked in insurance she is well versed in this field
Web Design - She knows how to create websites.
Marketing Communications - She is good at marketing.
Creative Writing - Her writing skills made her a bestseller and award-winning author.
These are the words of Shiju H Pallithazheth when he described Brenda. "Cohesiveness, productive interactions, leadership roles professionally and socially, ability to understand human behavior, love for society, love for nature, love for words. All this has helped Brenda to author 24 books. These books throw more light on her versatility as a person."

You can vote for Brenda at this link. CLICK HERE.
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