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Author Brenda Mohammed

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I am from Trinidad and am a multi-genre writer.
I am a former Bank Manager. who always had a passion for writing.

In November 2018 I received two book awards from Readers Favorite International Book Awards at the Regency Hotel in Miami for two of my books I AM CANCER FREE in the category Health and Fitness and ZEEKA CHRONICLES in the category young adult thriller
I authored a book on HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS and founded the group How to Write for Success, an affiliate of the Facebook Group Motivational Strips. I just finished my 21st book and put it on Preorder - THE AXE MURDERER, a crime fiction, to be published on 4th February 2019. My books are on AMAZON
A fun thing about me is that I recently grew to love Poetry and I write poems every spare moment I have. I also have a Poetry book on preorder to be published on 14th January 2019. It is called STRENGTH FOR THE DISHEARTENED.

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