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Cast your vote and claim a free Cinebook

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I am giving away 1000 Cinebooks in exchange for 1000 votes. My book Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies, has been chosen by the Cinebooks Company for a cinebook project.
CINE-BOOKS offer a new kind of storytelling entertainment for the whole family by combining the advantages of books and movies.
You will be able to READ, LISTEN and even WATCH the book in the near future
The project will be completed later this year if I get the required number of votes at this link.
After you vote use this code to get a free Cinebook. 42Z-8R8-0N2
As opposed to traditional film adaptations, cine-books boast the full written content of original stories, with each episode cinematically visualized.
Support this book & give it a chance to get the cinematic look!