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Fans of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits TV series should love these stories.

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Zeeka Chronicles is a nominee for Metamorph's Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2017, in the category Science Fiction.

Book Description
A strange - looking person turned up at the renowned Gosh Hospital in the scenic island of Gosh in the year 2036 and revealed certain information to Dr.George Brown.
He claimed to be a zombie who reported to Master Zeeka.
But was he really a zombie?
Dr. Brown was suspicious of his motives, sedated him, left him in Room Nine, and called a meeting of the hospital doctors to discuss the conversation, which he recorded.
He referred to the stranger as Number Nine.
The stranger outsmarted Dr. Brown and disappeared causing the doctors with the exception of two, Dr. Raynor Sharpe and Dr. Mark Schmidt, to disbelieve what Dr. Brown told them. Together the three vowed to uncover the truth.
Did they?
A colourful sailor band with zombie- like persons at Carnival celebrations launched a fatal attack on innocent spectators later that year, confirming the stranger's revelations.
Did the stranger die in that attack?
Fingers were pointed at one person but was he the real perpetrator?
Someone was seeking revenge for a long forgotten incident.
Who was that person?
One man knew Zeeka's secrets.
Would the authorities believe him or would they falsely accuse him?
Read extracts of reviews for Zeeka Chronicles by readers as follows:

By Ian
'Twilight Zone-like Sci-Fi Shorts
'These are fun, highly imaginative tales that blend zombie lore with robots/hi-tech, futuristic, sci-fi themes and ideas.
Fans of Twilight Zone and Outer Limits TV series episodes should find these shorts right up their alley.'

By Amazon Customer:
'Zeeka Chronicles" is a highly compelling mixture of sci-fi, supernatural, and dystopian genres, which make it an even more interesting read. And the story of the zombie number nine, in the end, made just a perfect finale that put a big smile on my face.'

By Bookaholic
Brenda Mohammed writes in a number of genres and from her enthusiasm for each subject, the reader can tell that each book is a labour of love.
The Zeeka Chronicles is an Omnibus of the five Zeeka stories, an ideal collection for lovers of Zombies and horror stories.
A great strength of these stories is the diversity of interesting characters including the female lead, a detective and futuristic robots.
Each story within this Omnibus works well on its own and it is difficult to pick a favourite. The excitement builds with each story and the author succeeds in pulling the various strands together to offer a satisfying conclusion.
The Zeeka Chronicles is a thoughtful series and should delight fans of the genre. Brenda Mohammed is an author brimming with original ideas, an author to follow.'

By Reggie:
'Zeeka Chronicles is a horror story based on subject matter as relevant today as in the well-crafted, dystopian, science fiction created by author Brenda Mohammed.
The story is original, something I enjoy, and it is complete, something that most readers will appreciate. Solid entertainment. A five-star experience.'

' Future Tech is highlighted throughout the series making me desire one of the book's robot helpers who does dishes and kicks butt too.'

'The ending was amazing and I could envisage a bright future with advanced medical technology and robots as companions and helpers. This is a one of a kind book and one I would recommend that everyone should read.'

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