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Getting Clicks, But No Conversions How To Solve This

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There’s no doubt that all business owners would like to see more and more traffic to their website and most of all we want see CONVERSIONS!

But, here’s the agony of most business owners – Getting Clicks But No Conversions in running their PPC Ad.

In this post, I will show you how to solve this to end your agony of spending money without seeing any results that you want for your business.

2 Biggest Reasons Why You Are Not Converting Your Traffic Into Your Goal

Acquiring The Wrong Traffic

For example…

If you are selling “Men’s Brown Leather Boots” and you create an ad using Google Adwords or Bing and your Ad headline says…

“Best Shoes” or “Buy Brown Shoes” or “Brown Leather Shoes” do you think you’re acquiring the right traffic to what you are selling?

Well the answer is NO!

Because your keywords phrase is too broad – you did not emphasize what kind of shoes you are selling, there are children, teenagers or women who are also looking for shoes online and if they see your ad that says “Best Shoes” and clicks it, there are some scenarios that will happen here:

First, you will be charged for those clicks even if those users didn’t find what they want
Second you are not targeting the right traffic looking for “Men’s Brown Leather Boots”.

The traffic you are getting are not qualified to the product your are selling and will just end disappointment for both users and advertisers.

You need to look closer at your campaign structure how unspecific and irrelevant is your text ad, adgroup, keywords as well as your landing pages to your users.

If you need some help on how to structure your PPC Ad, then you may want to check the resources below:

Learn more about Google Adwords:
Advantages of Google Adwords for small businesses
Adwords Campaign Structure Best Practices

Poor Landing Page Experience

When users arrive at your landing page from a paid ad, users can quickly judge your product, services and your business as a whole. How they see and feel when they are inside your site can affect how long they stay, which pages they check out and ultimately their likeliness to act on what you want them to do in your site.

It is crucial that your website or landing page installs trust in your user. No-one buys from a site that doesn’t look and feel professional and trustworthy.

Ask some opinion from your friends and family to look into your site and find out if they would trust your website to give you their email address in exchange of what you are offering them.

Also check out competitors’ sites that is related to your niche or industry. What do they do or have that you don’t? Be creative and unique and make sure that you provide a smooth flow of user’s experience when they first started clicking your ad, landed to your page and be clear on your call to action.

Landing page experience is a measure of how well your website gives people who click your ads exactly what they’re looking for. The experience you offer affects your ad ranking in search engine results page.

Promote transparency and establish trustworthiness on your site.

Clearly state what your business does, what are the benefits of your product to its users, explain clearly before asking visitors to fill out your forms and make it easy for visitors to find your contact information if they needed to ask some questions.

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I’d love to hear your comment about this topic.

What is your no. 1 struggle in running your business? Is it Traffic, Conversion or Information Overload? Leave me a comment below.


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