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How To Monitor Your Business At One Glance

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Real entrepreneurs have to monitor their business activities/statistics. You have to track your traffic flow, the quality of your traffic, the conversion rate and the incoming revenue . In short, you want to see if your business is making money or not.I know this can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. Thereís a lot of things to prioritize, a lot of different business ideas to implement & a lot of softwares to choose from in tracking your business performance.

Fortunately, you can create a comprehensive dashboard that puts all of this data in one place that you can monitor your business at a glance.

In todayís post I will share with you some benefits of one tracking platform called ClickMagick. I am personally using this tracking platform to track my marketing activities and I hope this post can give you some insights of the benefits of the one dashboard approach.

Benefit Of Monitoring Your Business At A Glance1
No. 1:


Do you feel like spending much of your time checking your data or metrics
from one data source to another? Or which sales funnel flow works best for you?

ClickMagick helps you to track all your marketing activities in
one dashboard. From total clicks, unique clicks, filtered clicks, no. of action,
action conversion rate, sales conversion rate, cost per click,
earning per click and the bottom line your return on investment (ROI).

No. 2:


Split test also known as A/B testing is a method of comparing
two variations of a webpage or landing page against each other to
determine which one performs better. Split testing is crucial to know
which version of your landing page gives higher conversion rate.

No. 3:


Retargeting is one of the essential strategies that you should
consider if you are really serious to bring your business up to the next level.

Hereís the realityÖ.

Itís not easy to convert website visitors on their first visit to your site.
Website visitors abandon website for many reasons, they abandon
your cart, they jump from your website to another website
comparing prices and of course customers want
to see the benefit of your product/services.

Retargeting allows you to show your ads again to those
visitors who already landed to your site (visitors already showed
interest to your website). Retargeting increases the effectiveness
of all your marketing efforts, strengthening brand recall and
brand awareness to bring them down to conversions.
(whether this is an opt-in, registration, booking or completing a purchase).

With ClickMagick, you can add Retargeting to any link whether
you are promoting your product to Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing,
or any other traffic platform. It works everywhere you advertise.

There is no simple way to bring your business up to the next level if you donít know what is going on inside your business. You need to track the quality of your website traffic.

This is absolutely easy & doable if you donít complicate a simple thing. Put effort, dedication and hard work to create your little breakthroughs each day. The online technology & internet has revolutionized the way people build their business from home.

Itís about time to design your future!
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