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New Book Releases by Brenda Mohammed

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Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5

Mandy’s new robot helper Eve encounters a stranger in the backyard. He claims to have connections with Zeeka. Who is this stranger? When he learns that Eve is a robot, he discloses his story to her. Eve promises him to keep their conversation secret but can she? ‪She records it on her security device and plays it for Steven and Mandy. ‬‬‬‬ When he collapses in the backyard with an epileptic fit, Eve alerts the Gosh hospital Tests and records reveal the stranger’s identity. Police records show that he died in the Carnival massacre in 2036, but did he? Steven faces opposition to launch his greatest invention of the century. Who will be the first volunteer to test it?

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Zeeka Chronicles is a spine -chilling series about betrayal, kidnapping, revenge,secrets, lies, murder, and evil.
It is the story of one man's misuse of science for vengeance. To what end is Zeeka willing to go to unleash terror on the small exotic island of Gosh? Will he and his zombies escape the law?
Is he angry because his former lover jilted him? Or is it because his child was born deformed and his wife died in childbirth? Why did this vengeful man kidnap the son of his former lover?
One man knows his secrets.Can he stop him before more blood is shed?

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