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Quickly Recruit More Affiliates Using the Power of Facebook Targeting

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One of the fastest ways to speed up your affiliate recruitment process is to leverage Facebook ads. Right now it is one of my favorite methods for getting joint venture partners on board. It works for evergreen offers or for product launches.

Here is my process for using Facebook to recruit Joint Venture partners for our “Real Guys” product launches.

Step 1: Start With Your Affiliate Landing Page

Your affiliate landing page should presell your offer, and get people to join your JV newsletter, or affiliate email list. This is the page I currently use, and I get great results from getting new affiliates signed up, and on board with my launch.

There is nothing fancy about this page I am using, but it gets results. Consider including affiliate testimonials, screenshots showing that you support your affiliates, or show screenshots of conversion numbers. At the very least make sure you give full details on your product.

Always get your affiliates to opt-in with their name and email for future follow up.

Step 2: Research Potential Affiliate Marketing Targets

Before you can post your affiliate recruitment ad on Facebook you need to make a list of potential audiences to target your ads to on Facebook. Obviously your ad does you no good if it hits the average, everyday Facebook user.

You need your ad to target people that would be interested in potentially promoting your offer. So you are looking for people who have stated they are interested in affiliate marketing or currently do affiliate marketing for their income.

This kind of targeting goes beyond just targeting people who expressed an interest in affiliate marketing.

You want to target the serious affiliates. One thing I focus on is targeting affiliates on Facebook that show an interest in major affiliate networks. Like right now there are over 400,000 people who have listed an interest in Clickbank on Facebook!

Do you think they may potentially be interested in promoting your Clickbank offer if they expressed an interest in Clickbank already? You can find people that like or have an interest in other affiliate networks as well.

Quick Tip: Search Google for “affiliate network” to find more networks that you could also target.

Beyond just affiliate networks like Clickbank that you target, you will want to find people who have shown an interest in other major affiliate blogs or online communities. For example a big website that lots of online marketers read is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income.

On Facebook there are currently over 70,000 people that have shown an interest in that target. You can research and make a list of other popular sites that affiliate marketers frequent.
You will want to save this list into a notepad file or Word Document so you can reference it later as you put up your advertisement.

This means your ad will show to those serious affiliates on Facebook.

Step 3: Compile 4 Different Images

At this point you are much closer to getting your ad posted. I recommend you get together 4 different images to test with your ads. The reason you want 4 images at least is because Facebook will automatically run 4 different ads for you with the same ad copy using the different images.

This is great for split testing. These images can be simply a picture of yourself in various poses, a picture of the product packaging, or a picture related to your niche like golf clubs for example if you have a golf product.

We found that by testing 4 similar images one out performed the others in clicks by 8 times the other ones!

Step 4: Post Your Ad On Facebook

Now it is time to post your ad on Facebook. Just go to to do so.

You want to select a “Clicks To Website” campaign. Then upload your images that you selected after putting in your affiliate landing page URL. You want to select a Right Column ad at a minimum.

After that put in your headline and text. For headline I would use something like “Hot Golf Launch” or “New Golf Affiliate Offer”. You can play with that as there are limits to your text amount. In the text part I mention a cash contest, conversion number, or big selling point of the product.

I set my campaign budget at $25 per day, but you can also adjust that later. Under ‘Advanced Settings’ I select the “Optimize for clicks option.”.

Step 5: Check Your Stats, Results, & Optimize Campaign

After your ad has ran for 24 hours you can start checking your results. See how many new affiliates have signed up, check how many impressions you are getting, and how many clicks you are seeing. You want to try and keep the cost per click below $0.75/click when you start, and eventually get that number down. That is an entirely different training though.

Facebook advertising is a real gold mine, but this is just one of my top 10 favorite ways to recruit JV partners. I will be revealing more of my favorite affiliate recruitment tips in coming months.

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Paul Counts is an internationally recognized information product creation expert who has created products for professional athletes and best-selling authors. He has created dozens of step-by-step video products that have grossed millions of dollars in sales for himself, business partners, and clients. He is best known for being 1/3 of the “Real Guys” Trio.

You can check out his upcoming IM Guru PLR 2.0 product launch at this link:
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