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Michael Baptiste

How I Got A Guru To Promote My First Launch On JVZoo . . .

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Call this lucky if you like but here's a story about how I got a Guru to come on board, promote for me, make money, and bring me in to his additional projects which are actually making me money everyday :-) . . .

So I started with my first serious info-product back in 2012 and then stopped with info products since my release as a WSO didn't even cross $100 in sales after investing like $700 in total for the whole thing on Warrior+. Then I went did offline marketing, had success - and decided to put that into a product. I was doing a lot of offline and also international outsourcing, so I decided I would put that into a product.

With that - I started reaching out to marketers online and asking them to review my product in return for their feedback and potentially a testimonial. Some said yes and gave a great review, some of them looked at me like I was crazy, and some of the up-tight people had some really nasty things to say to me - which let me know I was doing something right lol.

So I reach out to this one guys who's a big name and has been in IM for 19 years, and has done millions. Once I reached out to him, I told him how I followed him for years and actually practiced what I learned from him for years as well. So being a big fan and student of his might've helped . . . but anyway - I reach out, send him a copy of my product - and he actually thought that it was great! He said that he learned something, and then we started talking for hours on FB about his history with outsourcing and my smidgets of success with outsourcing to India and the Philippines.

From that point I realized that I was on to something with this product of mine. I then asked him how to go about finding affiliates to recruit my new product launch on JVZoo.

Being the awesome guy that he is, he decided to give me some good advice which helped bring on a few affiliates. Lucky me again, we both live in Miami (during August 2014 at the time of that launch) and we actually met up in person for coffee. After about 4 hours of talking and establishing a relationship, we hit it off and became friends after seeing how much we had in common. Then I asked him did he think this was really something of value - he said "Heck Yes!" and then he said to me "Yeah this is really valuable, and I'll promote this to my list you too!"

Then a day or two later he came on board for my launch and did promote. He made the most sales and helped my 2nd launch do over $1K - which for me was amazing for an info product lol. From there we started other projects together that we're working on now which is in a bigger playing field than I ever imagined.

Now I have no fear of a big name, or a guy who's got that 'status' in this industry because I realize that I have something valuable to offer the marketplace - not to mention I have something that even the 'big names' can learn from. Not coming from a cocky standpoint, but a position of strength.

I know my value, and I know that it's more than possible to get big names to partner with you - it's probable as long as you have a strategy, or a bit of luck and tenacity like I do.

Take your product, put your all into it - and be fearless when it comes to approaching people for reviews, and to promote your offer. You never know who is looking to bring you onto their next 6 figure or million dollar project just like what happened to me.

Thumbs up this post if you got something out of this, also let me know your thoughts!

Michael 'The Digital CEO' Baptiste


  1. Jeff Orig's Avatar
    That's is great and inspiring! It can be intimidating but it just reinforces the premise of this site in creating win-win-win's. Congratulations!
  2. CJ Ramos's Avatar
    Great article. I actually bought one of your products and learned a lot. Congrats on everything.