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New HeyMerzy! Location

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As many folks who have known me in the past know, I do have a personal blog located at

I will slowly (but surely) relocate all of the posts from that blog over to this one and will exclusively post to JVNotifyPro.


A few reasons. First of all, at no time of the day will there not be a JVNotifyPro screen open in my browser. JVNP2.0 development and maintencance is currently my #1 objective/goal. I'm here already.

Not only that, our new platform really does have everything necessary to get your name and presence out there without needing seperate tools or sites. From social connects to connecting with JV Partners to now blogging, there isn't a whole lot we can't do in this platform.

And on top of the other two reasons, JVNotifyPro as a site/brand has existed for quite some time as a quality content site. With that said, performs very well in the search engines. Myself as well as all of our users can benefit from having a web presence on a site that spiders extremely well for many internet marketing and business related keywords.

I will definitely have to be much better about staying up to date with this blog than my own in the past. Definitely a case of the cobbler with crummy shoes.

Look forward to more!

- Mike Jr
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