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The Warrior Forum Is Now In Trouble

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The case study: The Warrior Forum

I've been teaching some students I've been working with, to dominate the search engine results for "Any" keyword they desire in Super quick time.

It's a skill all website owners should have.

One of the case studies is focused on the Warrior Forum.

I decided to take this one on for 2 main reasons:

1 - I'm creating a few posts on one of my blogs (honest home business), and I need to make sure I'm attacking the right keywords.

2 - I came across a website that annoyed the hell out of me and I "needed" to get this website out of the way (off the 1st page of Google).

It all started with research.

I came across the "warrior forum hater" while searching for keywords and was instantly attracted to the negative marketing tactics I was seeing.

I wont bore you with the details.
Anyway, long story short...

I needed to show my students what can be done with the right keywords and the correct content. I wanted to share some of the results here with you.

I did a real quick video about the warrior forum here:

Warrior Forum Update

I just went back into the search engines (5 mins ago) for a quick up date, and as I would expect, I'm closing in on the enemy Very quickly in deed!

"It is true to say the keyword, the warrior forum is now in trouble".

I'm going to create another update video tonight and share the results so far. It's an eye opener if you've never seen the power of video marketing before

... Especially when a REAL underground marketer like myself comes out to cause trouble

In the process of showing my students what they can achieve with video, I've also managed to get 2 pages from my blog on the first page of the SERPS, in days, with LOTS of competing websites.

Most website owners never see those kinds of results ever. And it's a shame. Because it REALLY does not have to be so.

It has everything to do with bad advice, information overload, and people talking out their Ar**!!

My Warrior Forum case study is proof of what can be achieved IF you have better coaching.

I'll be back with more updates and more proof soon

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Rather than send links for all the videos I figure you may find it better to go straight to the case study folders over at youtube:

Alex Jeffreys