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Cheryl Johnson - Art Outsourcer Extraordinaire!

Introduction! :D

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Hi everyone!

Here's some quick info to get my career introduction out of the way:

2D Art: 15yrs
3D Art: 9yrs
Art Producer: 5yrs
Art Outsourcing Manager: 5yrs
Art Outsourcer/freelancer: 4yrs
IM: 6 months

In short, I've done 95% of jobs in the 2D and 3D art and video game creation pipelines at one time or another (working in, with, and without a company - in-house teams and overseas), and I've done it in a variety of entertainment industries (all types of video games, card games, books, comics, posters, etc.).

For the last 6 months I've been building my own art outsourcing company, The Agile Artist, to:
  • bring high-quality, low-cost artwork to people who otherwise could not afford it (internet marketers/small businesses, every-day people, community organizations, etc.)
  • create a place to educate people about art and outsourcing (from the client's pov AND the outsourcer's pov)
  • teach clients and outsourcers how to work together and COMMUNICATE by fulfilling the needs of both parties
  • etc.

To do this, I've taught myself a lot about every type of Internet Marketing that I can find, and over the last month and a half or so, I've been taking action on what I've learned. ^_^

And as for me as a person:
  • I volunteer at GDC (Game Developers Conference) every year that I can.
  • I like almost every type of food that I've ever tried.
  • I love nature (especially forests)!
  • I'm like a cat in almost every way (I try to get out of people's way and end up in their way instead. I love water, but hate being wet. I think that I'm sneaky, but the more sneaky I think that I'm being, the less sneaky I actually am. etc.).
  • If it would interest a child, or someone with a very short attention span, I will love it.
  • Cartoons (especially 90s cartoons), need I say more?
  • I injure myself on everything that shouldn't injure me, and very little which should. (Examples: I grabbed a knife by the blade and cut myself on the smooth plastic handle when I turned it around. My old roommate puts marshmallows on everything that he doesn't want me to touch. I cut myself on a marble. < --- totally serious)
  • My sense of humor = irony + British comedy + gamer geek (don't get me started on the difference between a geek and a nerd)
  • B movies (Rocky Horror, Army of Darkness, anything with zombies, etc.)
  • Also, I'm okay with just about any kind of music, but I LOVE late 50s - early 70s music, cartoon and anime themes, and metal (weird combination, I know).

I'm sure that this is WAY more information than you ever wanted to know, but if you ever want to know more (or just have a question or comment), please don't hesitate to ask (or comment!), and I'll see what I can do to help! ^_^

Have a wonderful day! :D
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  1. Aron Prins's Avatar
    Although im pretty new myself: welcome to the boards!
    Impressive client list you've got there, very cool!

    Have a great day Cheryl
  2. Cheryl Johnson's Avatar
    Thank you very much! ^-^

    I hope that you have a wonderful day as well!