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Bruno Babic

Make $1 Million With Only 1 Forum Post In 1 Day...Free!

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If you've had enough of your frustrations about making little or no
money online, being deceived or conned by the so called internet
marketing gurus so many times and not knowing how you can really
'unlock that code' of almost instantly making a large amount of money
online within the shortest time possible, then the weird truth that I am
now about to reveal to you could be the most important life-changing
light bulb moment or that key life-changing eye-opener that you'll ever
need in order to succeed not only at making money online but also in life
in general.

By the way, the reason I have come up with the idea of writing this post
is believe it or not, because I have lately managed to make my first ever
$100 sale online exactly here on this forum after 7 long years of painful
struggles and failures online.

Can you imagine how super excited I was because of that first online sale?

And, thanks to that weird truth that I am about to unveil here, I have
made a conclusion that if I am able to make $100 sale with only 1 forum
post then I can surely make $1 million in only 1 day too. Would you agree?

And, believe it or not, there are only 2 ingredients that I need to achieve that:

1) Clarity and passion about really wanting to make $1 million with one forum
post in only 1 day and then later scale that up to $10 million, then
$100 million....You get the idea?

And, by the way, I've already got all the contacts and resources that can
help both you and I scale up or if you like multiply our first $1 million earnings
to much larger amounts of money that we now can only dream of.

Anyway, if you stay with me and support me on my journey to make your and
my dream happen by realizing my BIG idea that's actually the main motive behind
this post, then I bet you and I will not only be enjoying our lives to the fullest but
also changing this world for the better.

2) My brain or to be more precise my brain's ability to find the best possible
solution for me to be able to make $1 million with only 1 forum post in 1 day.

Now, let me ask you 3 questions:

a) Have you heard some successful people saying something down the lines:

"If you could dream it, you could achieve it."

b) Do you know that your brain is the wealthiest free asset that you have and will
ever have in your entire life?

c) Do you know that it's scientifically proven and tested that your brain is as
mouldable and shapeable as clay and that because of the plasticity of your brain
you can actually retrain it or program it for achieving any of your financial or other
goals in life?

By now I hope that you understand that the best possible answer to how to make
$1 million with only 1 forum post in 1 day can only lie within our brains but only if we
truly desire to achieve it.

IMPORTANT: I hope that you also realize that me now writing this post is not only
the proof of how excited and serious I am to make my dream happen but is also the
result of me training my brain to help me come up with the idea of writing this post in this
unique way.

Now, can you imagine what kind of awesome ideas you could also come up with after I
teach you how to train your brain to help you achieve your financial goals no matter how
big they might look at the first sight?

If you're now laughing, I am very glad that you are because that's just telling me that you
can now feel and imagine what's really possible or what super amazing ideas your brain can
surprise you with when it comes to achieving your wildest dreams.

So, I've now come up with the idea of sharing with you the very same brain training exercise
that I do for only about 5 to 10 minutes immediately after I wake up every morning.

So, here's the deal.

Here's what I'd like you to do for me if you want to get one hour Skype consultation with
me on how to train your brain to make you as much money as you want for only $197 ($997
value) that's over 80% discount:

1) If you really like this post, I'd like to kindly ask you to help my post get at least 1,000,000 views
by the end of February 2013 or sooner by sharing with your friends through facebook, twitter,
Google Plus, linkedin, pinterest, myspace and other social media sites that you are currently using.

To return your favor, I am going to make sure that you enjoy a privileged status on my mailing
list if you take advantage of this time-limited offer among the first 5000 people who do the same.
By the way, I am thinking of stopping this offer as soon as the first 5000 people pay me $197 for
my 1 hour Skype consultation on how to train your brain. (Note: I am going to remind you on the
time-limited nature of this offer once more just before the end of this post.)

What I've meant under the privleged status is for example, sending you my early bird invitations to the events that are going to be part of realizing my BIG idea under the motto:

"Live Your Passions, Think BIG & Live Like A KING!"

So as you know, my BIG idea is about living my dream luxury playboy lifestyle to the fullest while at the same time helping you and others who become part of it achieve your own dream lifestyle too.

I guess that it's a pretty fair deal.

By the way, I see my BIG idea as a luxury lifestyle inspired community that would be the perfect
kind of blend of all the pleasures of such lifestyle and the best money making and personal growth resources and contacts such as some famous millionaire and billionaire successful entrepreneurs, authors or speakers, for example.

Hope you now realize that I wasn't thinking of anything like a pure "drugs, sex and rock'n'roll"
lifestyle but such luxury lifestyle that would be made of not only glamorous trips and exotic beach cocktail parties and events but also the best money making and personal growth resources that we can gather together.

Once again I hope that's a pretty fair deal and that you like the look and the sound of it.

2) Email me only $197 via PayPal to my PayPal email address which is:
and also immediately after doing so send me a quick message with the subject line "Just PayPaled $197 For 1 Hour Skype Call" and please let me know what time zone you are in and what time would be best for you to participate in this 1 hour Skype call with me.

BONUS: As my thank-you for accepting my offer and supporting me on my journey to realizing my BIG idea that's designed to benefit both of us, I am happy to email you the bestselling book "The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny" (PDF version) that believe it or not, has totally transformed my life absolutely free of charge.

For your information, this book is endorsed by some of the most successful individuals and billionaire entrepreneurs like T Harv Eker, Jack Canfield and Jay Abraham to name only a few.

NOTE: For the peace of your mind and for the fact that you still don't know me if you like, I am happy to give you the opportunity to speak with me either via Skype or on the phone for a few minutes before you PayPal me $197.

Here's my contact details:
My Skype ID: bruno.bb100
My Croatian mobile No: +385 989707976

NOTE: If my BIG idea really resonates with you and you would like to wholeheartedly support me by donating any kind of money amount that exceeds $197, you are very welcome to do so. In that case, I would really appreciate if you could send me an email message to including in the subject line "I have just PayPaled you my donation". In advance thank you immensely for doing that with all my heart. You are definitely going to enjoy a very special treatment in the realization of my BIG idea.

TIME LIMIT: I want you to be aware that this $197 offer won't last offer. I guess that I am going to do this only for the first 5000 people who pay me $197 each because as you can imagine later when I get busier investing all this money in different online and offline projects as part of my BIG idea, I most likely won't have time to do these 1 hour Skype consultations any longer.

Instead, I'll be focusing on organizing big group conferences, webinars or seminars whether offline or online because those arrangements will be then much easier to implement.

Finally, I feel that these first 5000 people (including you) are going to be my best and most passionate followers and members that I'd like to support and work with.

As you can imagine right now I don't know when exactly I am going to get these first 5000 sign-ups but I honestly believe that it's going to happen much faster than I think. So, if my BIG idea really resonates with you, I warmly recommend that you take advantage of this $197 offer as soon as you can.

Wow! What a long post! Thank you so much for your attention and believing in my BIG idea as
much as I do. I can't wait to introduce myself properly to you so that you can see that I am as human as you are and am here to really help both you and me crazily prosper in life.

To our amazing life successes and prosperity!

Bruno Babic

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