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TCP Accelerator

TCP Accelerator is used by network managers to improve the accuracy and the experience of users, without tweaking the system of the network. The original feature of TCP serves as a fault to networks, as it may be very slow when the bandwidth is increased and too fast when the bandwidth is decreased.
As a result of these deficiencies of TCP, network managers make use of accelerators to increase the performance of the network. Accelerators also improve the users experience when using the network as a result of its high speed. This also allows for more revenue for network managers because network users will derive more satisfaction when the network is fast and reliable. Find more about TCP Accelerator.

  1. What Is Wan Optimization Open Source?

    It is well known that traffic on a network becomes very slow due to a large number of users. This is as a result of network users uploading and downloading large data, using unverified applications, etc. WAN optimization is one of the most effective ways to maximize data flow efficiency across a wide area network (WAN).
    WAN optimization helps in reducing the number of bandwidth needed to enhance effective communication between clients and server. The advancement in technology and applications ...
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  2. SD Wan Optimization

    Software-defined WAN optimization is a modern method to create, install and control a network and its services. SD WAN optimization distinguishes between the network management, forwarding planes and offers an organized way of the shared systems for more supervision of network services. SD ensures that different control system is used for a network that allows policy-based functions to manage the location where a particular network goes to.
    SD seeks to develop a software-based method of networking ...