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How To Increase Your Natural Testosterone Production

Here are 3 natural supplements that can help you increase your testosterone production.

1. Olive Oil - EVOO

One of the cheapest and best sources for increasing your testosterone is olive oil. Men have seen huge increases, great than 15% with less than 2 tablespoons per day.

2. Longjack - Tongkat Ali

This one should be a staple if you are looking to maximize your T production. Men have see gains over 20% with supplementation.

3. Ashwagandha Extract

Would you like to increase your 1 rep bench press by over 40 pounds in just 8 weeks? That's exactly what happened for the men supplementing with ashwagandha. Source

There are also a couple of herbs which are highly touted but may actually do more harm than good.

1. DAA has been shown to have HUGE testosterone boosting benefits in 2 clinical case studies.

The problem with those studies is they were both sponsored by a DAA manufacturer.

In a non-sponsored study, T levels were actually shown to decrease in men!

2. Fenugreek Extract

This is another over hyped T booster which has had multiple "paid for" case studies done by a manufacturer.

Fenugreek is best known for increasing breast milk supply in women so if that's your goal, it's a great supplement to use.

If you want to increase your testosterone though, look elsewhere because no independent studies have shown any T boosting benefit.

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