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Lightening and Gold Box Deals at Amazon

  1. Celebrating Indie Authors Day

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    To celebrate Indie Authors Day, I am giving away the Ebook, How to Write for Success, for a limited time on a Kindle Free Book Promotion.
    The book is a recipient of a five-star review from Readers Favorite.
    It will be Free from Monday, July 2, 2018, 12:00 AM PDT to Friday, July 6, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT.
    Do not miss it.


    Valuable nuggets of truth for new and aspiring authors. ...
  2. Fascinating Memoirs by Amazing Authors

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    Meet some Real Lives Authors and read their amazing stories.

    Rich Israel is the author of Groovin': Horses, Hopes, and Slippery Slopes (Hippie Adventurer Book 1).

    Here is an extract of a review of his book from Readers Favorite.

    The author is a highly skilled storyteller--he describes each scene and person well that the reader feels he was actually present. Looking forward to the next one!" 5 STARS--Deborah ...
  3. Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir.

    Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir.
    My Life as a Banker - A Life worth Living" is a banker's memoir, in which the writer describes changes in the banking system, and changes in the bank's attitude to its employees throughout her working years in a Trinidad bank, with ties in the United Kingdom.
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    Personal details of this banker's life are ...
  4. New Book Releases by Brenda Mohammed

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    Resurrection: Revenge of Zeeka Book 5

    Mandy’s new robot helper Eve encounters a stranger in the backyard. He claims to have connections with Zeeka. Who is this stranger? When he learns that Eve is a robot, he discloses his story to her. Eve promises him to keep their conversation secret but can she? ‪She records it on her security device and plays it for Steven and Mandy. ‬‬‬‬ When he collapses ...
  5. Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - A Great Educator in Trinidad and Togabo

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    Do you know what it was like to be born more than one hundred years ago, in an illiterate society, with no electricity, and up-to-date facilities? Can you imagine a time when there were no telephones, cell phones, television, and not even radio? How would you have managed to travel to work without motor- cars and any form of transportation? Could you have survived on an income of two dollars a month? Would you have taken a menial job to supplement ...
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