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  1. Press Release - Your Time is Now

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ID:	209 is pleased to announce that BRENDA MOHAMMED of SAN FERNANDO, TRINIDAD will be featured on the popular book sampling site – joining the ranks of the most famous authors in the world.
    As a featured author, the first chapters of YOUR TIME IS NOW books are now available to thousands of readers to sample – free of charge. At BookDaily, book fans can browse, search and read first chapters from a selection of more than ...
  2. New book releases - must read

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    Did you realize that your time is now? It is not in the future or in the past. This book, YOUR TIME IS NOW, written by Mrs. Brenda Mohammed, was an inspiration from the heart. She was driven by a force beyond her to put these words on paper for all to read and understand that there is a time for everything and every purpose under the sun.
    Mrs. Brenda Mohammed has been inspired ...
  3. EBooks I have written on Amazon KIndle Publishing

  4. Where is Trinidad and Tobago?

  5. I am Cancer Free - A true Story

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    Early last week I published my true story I AM CANCER FREE on Amazon KIndle Publishing.
    This is a true story of my battle with cancer, and my survival due to my strong faith in god, a loving and caring spouse, support and prayers of siblings, friends, and relatives,and the skilled hands of renowned doctors.
    My intention in publishing my story is to give hope to those who are afflicted with cancer.

    The following are the words of David ...

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