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  1. Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - A Great Educator in Trinidad and Togabo

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    Do you know what it was like to be born more than one hundred years ago, in an illiterate society, with no electricity, and up-to-date facilities? Can you imagine a time when there were no telephones, cell phones, television, and not even radio? How would you have managed to travel to work without motor- cars and any form of transportation? Could you have survived on an income of two dollars a month? Would you have taken a menial job to supplement ...
  2. Your time is now

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    As threats of deadly viruses and terrorism plague the world, “Your Time is Now” to make changes in your life. It is time to focus on your soul, because your soul will be spending eternity in the place you choose.
    This book is written based on words spoken by King Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes
    about times and seasons. There is a time to be born and a time to die and a time for every purpose under the Heaven.
    These written ...
  3. AskDavid – Book Reviews, Book Promotions, and Book Samples

    Ask David has been promoting my books and I am very pleased with the service.
    It is a quality site which helps me to meet my target audience and new readers.
    There is no need to send a copy of your book to He gets the link and full details from Amazon.
    There is also no need to send him a picture of the book or do any giveaways.
    All you need to fill out is a simple form and write something unique about your book and he will do the rest.
    A one time ...
  4. Excerpt from Book – Retirement is Fun [Sequel to My Life as a Banker – A Life Worth L

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    To those of you who read “My Life as a Banker – A Life Worth Living,” and are wondering what happened to the author after her retirement from the bank, you will find it all in “Retirement is Fun – A New Chapter.”

    Retirement is fun

    Here is an excerpt from the book:

    “We booked in at the Adam’s Mark Hotel where we had reservations. It was a fantastic hotel with four restaurants and a night-club. Some of our friends ...
  5. " My Life as a Banker" gets Five Star Reviews

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    ” My Life as a Banker ” was published in June 2014. To date the book has received four Five Star reviews in both Kindle and Paperback Editions.
    Read the Reviews below:

    1] 5.0 out of 5 stars Positive, Heart-Warming August 7, 2014
    By Jane H.
    Format:Kindle Edition
    My Life as a Banker is a short memoir of Brenda Mohammed centered around her decision to become a banker and the successful career that followed.

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