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  1. our completed projects.

    Snyxius is proud to say the completion of its many projects, resulting in fruitful results.
    Some of the recent projects were:
    Collaborate Cloud is an Online Collaboration & Project Management Tool which helps small & medium sized teams to collaborate with each other and their clients.
    Fantasyv2 is a new and unique way to play NFL Fantasy Playoffs. It allows users to register/login with their Facebook Account, Create Leagues, ...
  2. John Adams Video Case Studies

    I've been creating training videos like crazy these last few weeks.

    I'm right in the middle of creating and releasing a new product.

    I'm normally so deep showing people what to do, that I forgot how much I LOVE to dabble with the search engines!

    4 case studies (all at the same time) have reminded me how much things have NOT changed.

    The "good old fashioned" SEO tactics still hold strong in this modern time of social media.

    Updated 12-02-2011 at 09:31 PM by John Adams

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  3. My First Contact With Internet Marketing

    I can not definitely say that I am a good internet marketer but I am willing to learn and that is one of the main reasons why I joined community on recommendation.

    I was introduced to internet marketing by a completely unknown person (now he is my best friend for obvious reasons). I was struggling with existence and had no hope then I ran into him.

    I will ever be grateful to him as I wrote in one of the posts on my recently launched blog My First ...

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  4. Sonia Walsh - Email Marketing Secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonia Walsh View Post

    I'm Sonia Walsh, and I'd like to invite you to become a JV partner of mine.* My product is a simple email marketing video series with a twist.* It teaches people how to harness the power of their current customers to continue "stuffing their pockets" with cash as opposed to trying to find new customers.

    The site is very attractively and professionally done, with professionally written sales copy and custom graphics.* The affiliate area comes with an
  5. New HeyMerzy! Location

    As many folks who have known me in the past know, I do have a personal blog located at

    I will slowly (but surely) relocate all of the posts from that blog over to this one and will exclusively post to JVNotifyPro.


    A few reasons. First of all, at no time of the day will there not be a JVNotifyPro screen open in my browser. JVNP2.0 development and maintencance is currently my #1 objective/goal. I'm here already.
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