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Tim de Nood
03-01-2016, 05:32 AM
Hey there,

Can you help me?

I'm new in this market and I was wondering if some experienced people could give me some feedback.

I created my first digital product and it's brand-new and I'm selling it via ClickBank since this weekend.
(my vendor name is "tsvalue" and I'd love to send you a copy to review: my email address is evolveforfreedom@gmail.com)

I created an opt-in page: https://evolveforfreedom.leadpages.co/key-to-freedom/
And a pitch page: https://evolveforfreedom.leadpages.co/wherefreedombegins/
I'm split-testing various things (price, headline, call-to-action), random affiliates are sending a small amount of traffic to my site and I also made 2 sales already, but here's my problem...

I don't know what to do next..

What should I do? How can I find affiliates? How can I make more sales? How can I support affiliates better? .

I would be honored if you could give me advice on this and help me to make this product a success story.



david ho
04-10-2016, 01:51 AM
that is a great page