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Edlund Sofia
11-10-2014, 08:52 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am an author , and i have recently launched 3 book's. The First 2 book's are in the self-help cattegories and the 3rd book is in the personal-finance , marketing cattegory . The book's have everything , articles , press releases , audio-book's, and are in all stores and in many other websites and in clickbank also, but i am not making any sales. I offer 75% high comision to afiliates that will help me make sales. I will make a small presentation about the book's.

Recently I ve finished my book: 1. Title: Bruce King and I
Isbn: 978-9198198546
Cattegory: Personal-Finance, Marketing(General), Personal-Business, How to succed in your e-business.

" Revealed! Sales Secrets so-called Gurus Donít Want You to Know!
Why You Should Never Waste Your Money On A Sales Guru Ever Again!
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make crazy sales? This book chronicles my journey with a famous sales guru, Bruce King, my near success syndrome, and my final breakthrough. It is a must have if you are serious about making it in the world of sales and internet marketing. What Iím about to reveal in this book will stun you. This book will reveal why you have never experienced a windfall yet, despite the promises by marketing gurus to make you a millionaire overnight. You donít have to stumble for the most part before making your next big sale. Find out why and how marketing gurus take you for a ride. Learn the secrets to selling any number of products you want with ease. In fact, after reading this book, you will know as much as the so called gurus when it comes to making sales."

I have done book nr. 2 ,,Breaking Loose Now" and book nr.3 ,The power of Visualization.

Book nr. 2. Title: Breaking Loose Now
Isbn: 978-91-981985-0-8
Cattegory: Self-help, Self-Motivation, Psyhology, Inspiration.

Book nr.3. Title: Power of Visualization
Cattegory: Self-help, Self-Motivation, Psyhology.

Also i have created an website for afiliates like clickbank sayed that it will be best to have. Please do pm me ,and i will provide it.

Thank you

Edlund Sofia
11-12-2014, 10:22 AM
Also forgat to say , please email us at : edlundsofia32@gmail.com for more information.

thank you