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Miri Skriabin
08-28-2014, 05:48 AM
Hi Guys

I'm a new member here

My name is Miri and I'm an affiliate manager

If you have experience working in Binary Options you might find a partnership with us - interesting.
if you are interested in running CPA traffic for Binary Options. We have closed deals with several brands by priority - Regulated and Unregulated. Regulated brands most prove to us that if they say they accept a certain language, we must be able to verify that they have a sufficient amount of sales reps or we will not provide them with that specific traffic.
Our priority and most important feature is traffic optimization. We provide full marketing tools and tech services (tracking solution, hosting and programming )
Also we have just created a proprietory Smart-Form
Your users will be sent to our form which will direct your users to the best converting brand for your traffic by using GEO targeting. Additionally, for example. users from Canada will be sent to a broker by browser since there is 2 main languages in canada that way we ensure that every user
We accept ALL countries, and offer converts upon successful deposit