View Full Version : New Online Driving School Affiliate

Brandon Myers
08-25-2014, 02:46 PM
Hi everyone!

My name is Brandon and I run an affiliate program at I Drive Safely (biggest online driving school by number of customers since 1998).

I'm fairly new to the industry and new to the space, so i'm learning as I go. I just found out about this site and thought it looked pretty neat! I figured I'd give it a try. Hopefully I find some prospective partners on here and learn from you all as well! :)

A good portion of our business at I Drive Safely comes from online affiliates who push our courses through a variety of SEO and PPC efforts. We have affiliates who make as much as 120k a month (eye popping money to me) with our very competitive 40% commission plan. With multiple courses in over 25 US states, there is no shortage of product to push and traffic can come from all types of demographics.

Would love to talk to any of you who are interested. Please reach out to me here or at brandon.myers@idrivesafely.com

Hopefully i'm in the right place! Thanks for allowing me to post here!