View Full Version : The Day After - Money Makers vs. Assets

Shon Christopher
11-13-2013, 12:03 PM
It makes me wonder why I see so many of us that have relatively successful product launches focused on IMMEDIACY rather than developing a long-term asset.

What i'm getting at is this.

How many of your product launches have gone from being MONEY MAKERS into full blown businesses?

If you're like me then you already know how tough it is to not only come up with new product ideas but how daunting it can be to pull everything together logistically.

Now don't get me wrong...the ability to outsource most of these "daunting" tasks can really push things along. And yet and still...these things take time.

See...the sexy thing about having a successful product launch that actually WORKS...meaning people want the damn thing, is simply this.

People want the damn thing...IT CONVERTS.

Its been validated. "Kid Tested Mother Approved."

It friggin' works.

And yet, for many of us that have experienced this success... we stop short.

In other words. "Great I made money...on to the next "moneymaker"

So my question to you is...

What about "The Day After"?

The day after you know beyond a shadow of doubt that people actually want the damn thing.

Heres my point, theres still a CRAPLOAD of people coming online everyday in droves that want what you have to sell.

If you're only launching products for the FAST buck...thats your call.

However, my suggestion is to take THE DAY AFTER and leverage that now PROVEN money maker into a long term financial ASSET.

There are TONS more people that want what you have to sell.

Question is are you gonna be there to open the door when they come knocking.