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daniel adetunji
11-12-2013, 04:17 AM
Want A Professionally Written Sales Page That Keeps Pulling In Sales Like Clockwork?

Are you wondering why your product simply won’t sell?

Do you want to maximize the cash you earn by eliminating your sales letters inefficiencies?

Maybe, you’re sending cold, hard traffic to your product and it just won’t convert at a minimum of 2%?

Whatever problem you have, it’s very likely that the REAL CAUSE of it is–a POOR SALES LETTER!

Read the message below to find out how I can solve your current problem…

From the humble desk of Daniel

Dear business owner,

If you’re looking for a professional sales letter copywriter to write effective sales letter that sells 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, and even 5 times more products and services than your competitors are currently doing even if you’re charging high ticket prices, this will be the most profitable letter you’ll ever read today.

You know why?

I can help you write killer sales letters, auto-responder series, and landing page copies.

Sell 4x more of your products and services

Create irresistible offers that will drive your prospective customers crazy and have them chasing after you with their wallets (It’s not what you think)

Create a major shortcut tactic to write you SUPER PROFITABLE ADS and sales letters that can make you GIANT, huge sums of MONEY. (With this strategy, I can come up with a killer copy in less than 2 days. So you won’t need to wait for days).

Who Is This Guy?

You see, my name is Daniel.

Two of my sales letters have yielded a combined $10,000 for a client of mine in the past 4 days..

A squeeze page of mine has brought in over 349 confirmed subscribers within 9 hours. Yeah, you read that right! (Through FB Ads of course).

I can help you double, triple or even quintuple the number of sales you make and even help you grab all the available customers in your market for yourself.

By working with me, you can expect a high level of quality professionalism and productivity; if you hire me, all you have to do is just sit down while I create persuasive, intriguing, and compelling sales copies…

I help businesses triple their online revenue in 3 days or less by…

Getting more targeted visitors to your web properties

Converting first time prospects, into loyal visitors..

Converting more of those leads into paying customers

Helping your customers spend more money with you

I’m reliable, responsible, affordable, and above all; willing to go the extra mile to make you more ‘’FUNGOLAS’’

Here’s The Deal

Let’s say you sell an e-book; maybe on ‘’How to Get An Ex Back’’ and it’s priced $20.

With your current ‘’take-a-look-at-me-I-don’t-sell’’ sales letter, you were able to pull in an average of 100 sales.

That’s about = $2,000 in sales

You can be happy with that. Sure, it’s a nice profit.

What if I make some changes to that letter or re-write a new one to sell 200 copies, instead of 100?

That’s a cool…. $4,000

Meaning that each you run an advert or write a sales page with your limited copywriting skills

You’re Losing A Cool $2,000 On The Table

Add me on Skype or Email Me to send you samples and get started on your copywriting project.


EMAIL: Danieladetunji5@gmail.com.

Note: At this time, I’m currently open to clients in any niche.

If you need a cheap, professional copywriter with proven results, don’t hesitate to contact me

To your content marketing success,