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Gerry Cramer
10-20-2013, 11:50 PM
Hey everyone, excited to step into this community and hopefully get to know everyone.

For those who don't know me yet, my name is Gerry Cramer.

I'm not sure how others before me have done this but I'll share a bio as a way to kick things off.

I've been an Internet Marketer for over 13-years now.

I started my own Web Design company in 2000 and quickly shifted my energies to SEO (before it was even referred to as SEO).

I enjoyed a lot of SEO successes early on earning 5-figures per day off of 100% SEO driven traffic to highly-competitive niches.

That success naturally lead to a slight career shift where I began my short fling with the world of consulting. I enjoyed helping people but I quickly met and fell in love with the beautiful and amazing world of software :)

I have been passionately involved with software and marketing ever since.

Some of my successes and notable accomplishments include:

- Sent a single emailing to to a very small list earning $650,000 in 48-hrs
- Reciprocal mailings to partners earning 5-and-6 figures
- I have 10's of 1000's of buyers of my IM products
- $750,000 in webinar earnings over a 6 month period in 2012
- 6 consulting clients in 2012-2013, 100% have gone from $10K/mo range to 7-figure earners within 6-12 months
- Personal email list of several million in bizop space
- Proudly, I'm friends to many top JV affiliate promoters already
- Business partners and close friends with a top CPA Network founder and partner who controls millions of daily clicks
- Founder of a West Coast Hollywood Millionaire Mastermind with roughly 50 members including top entrepreneurs like Matt Mickiewicz (Sitepoint/Flippa/99-Designs), Creator of MySpace, Co-founder Tim Houston (#1 CB product, Tao of Badass) and his partner Josh Pelicer, Co-founder Tai Lopez (top online dating earner), Neil Strauss ("The Game"), Michael Vincent (famous photographer), David Rivero (MarketHealth.com), Mike Geary (TruthAboutAbs)...the list goes on to include several $100-million/yr earners....many super successful entrepreneurs that I feel blessed to work with.
- Creator of over 50 online products (software & info)
- Top level SEO expert (don't do SEO anymore though)
- Ever made money from cookie stuffing? HhhmHrmm.... your welcome, lol, I brought cookie stuffing to the market via my once popular site CookieStuffer.com which resulted in many overnight millionaires and eventually lead to a complete overhaul of CJ, Amazon & Ebay affiliate programs (NOTE: Those were my blackhat days, I'm no longer into that kind of stuff.)
- Ran a software company from Bali with another American partner for 3.5 years and I love Bali & Asia in general. I'm a super fan of lifestyle design ie, 4-hr work week type stuff. I'm setting up a new software company in Bali in 2014.

I'll save the rest for when we meet over skype, phone or if you're anywhere near San Diego, perhaps an in-person visit.

Why am I here?

To meet other like minded Internet/Affiliate marketers and product creators.

I am a big believer in the value of networking and reciprocating. I'm always happy to connect people. I've helped many people get their start and have helped elevate even high-level marketers to new heights through the art of networking and foot hikes. It's amazing the power of networking and connection. We can all help each other in so many ways, none easier than helping people connect with that perfect partner or affiliate.

I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better. I hope you won't hesitate to reach out to me anytime.

Gerry Cramer
San Diego, CA

Mike Merz
10-21-2013, 05:54 AM
Gerry, I think you're a lock for the most comprehensive intro post I can recall in quite a while ... Welcome to JVNP 2.0, I look forward to reading your contributions. ;)


Mike Sr