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Doc Newell
07-17-2013, 10:27 AM
Good morning, all.

I'm brand new and looking forward to using an offline copywriting skill set to build out a solid long-term online business.

Joined this group to become an effective affiliate marketer and reliable JV partner, so I look forward to meeting all of you.


10-29-2013, 03:29 AM
Hi Doc,

Copywriting is a crucial skill to have if you want to market effectively online and you have a great advantage and should succeed as product launches need good wriiten reviews, something people cut corners with and therefore they loose a lot of potential sales. I know there have been many times I've searched for a product review only to have to click 6 or more websites just to find a half decent review.

All the best,

11-19-2013, 02:34 AM
welcome Doc like Deege said copy-writing is a master skill i'm sure you will do well :)

Allen Comstock
03-16-2014, 06:42 PM
Copy writing is certainly important but how about copy editing, my skill set? It's hard to find an internet marketing sales letter without major typos, grammar and spelling errors in addition to needing writing tweaks.

Clarke Hanna
07-22-2014, 10:38 AM
Hi Doc welcome to the community

Having copywriting skills will be an asset to you, whats your current business would look like...

This is a great forum to ask questions and increase your knowledge base, we are more than happy to help you out just got to ask..