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Susan Martin
05-08-2013, 07:19 PM

I new to selling products online. I'm now developing a course based on my core business, and have built a wordpress site for my product and am using a membership site plugin. What I need now is an affiliate tracking system to take care of monitoring affiliate sales, tracking commissions etc. Anyone care to comment on affiliate tracking systems they've used and would recommend? Also (and I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to ask this) I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on whether I would need an affiliate system that pays commissions directly in order to attract high quality JVs.

Thanks for any info you can offer!

bramantya farid
08-22-2013, 02:41 PM
try JVzoo.com or warriorplus Susan

Steve Yakim
06-03-2014, 09:49 PM
What membership plugin are you using? I would think that most membership programs have affiliate tracking. Each member is assigned an member id and that id is used in an affiliate redirect link to track each member. An affiliate program is a membership that affiliates register for.

So, read your documentation and see if they have an affiliate link configuration.

The problem with self hosted affiliate program is that affiliates don't have anything other than your word they will receive the commissions they have earned. You can use a service like JVZoo.

But affiliates and vendors are starting to see some of the problem with the JVZoo system like affiliates having to be approved for each product in a sales funnel before they will receive commissions. Or delayed commissions not being paid. Plus security is suffering by not being able to prevent fraud from affiliates.

So it may be better to slowly build your own affiliate program and as your reputation gets better known, you will be able to attract better and better affiliates. Before you know it, you will have your own affiliate army.

I hope this has been helpful,
Steve Yakim

vaduva darius
10-17-2014, 02:52 AM
Hi Susan,

Why no using clickbank? They have their own affiliate tracking system and I am pretty sure it will offer you what you need for starting up. Setting up a new affiliate system can be time and money expansive. And let's not talk about the trust that many jv partners will not have because they need to be sure they will get credited for all the sales they generate.

Darius Vaduva