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robert brown
04-21-2013, 11:10 AM
Do you have HEADACHES from trying to generate traffic?

And does converting traffic drive you INSANE?

Well this is for you.

Heard about how customers LOVE video?
And how people are ranking videos with ease at the top of Google and making big $$$?

HOWEVER.. Do you have NO idea how to create a video, let alone one that actually converts?
Unsure about what SEO is right for video?
Put off by THOUSAND dollar prices or cheap glorified powerpoints peddled online?

Well this is for you.

Our ULTIMATE Video Creation & Ranking Package takes care of everything..

You get:

1 x High conversion sales script written just for you
1 x Custom animated HD whiteboard sales video
1 x Pro voice over and high quality background music


5000 High Retention Youtube views (all unique IP & locations 110% safe)
1 x SENUKE XCR 'Full Monty' campaign (If you know link building you know this is the 'SHIT JUST GOT REAL' of backlinking) Guaranteed to help SLINGSHOT your vid to the TOP of Youtube and Google.

All delivered in DAYS not weeks.

Want PROOF we mean serious business?

See examples HERE of our videos = Always custom made & high quality! (http://youronlinestuff.com/video-examples/)

See examples HERE of our 'ZERO SEO' 1st page video ranking results = Your mind will be blown! (http://See examples HERE of our 'ZERO SEO' 1st page video ranking results = Your mind will be blown!)

This IS:
Simple & convenient
High quality
High converting

This is NOT:
Lame & Cheesy

Barrier To Entry:
$150 per 1min ~150 words of script
want a video longer than 1min? Order more mins
Wait? All that for only$1 per word? Areyou*******kidingme? NO WE ARE NOT!
Also don't mess around hemming and hawing we can only take on a few vids at a time to guarantee our TAT and will be increasing the price to discourage too many people ordering this, either buy now or be forced to wait longer and pay more later, it's your choice.

How long does it take?
We aim to get it delivered ASAP, however if lots of people order it could take up to 10 days.
What happens after I order?
You will be taken to a page where you can fill out a form and send us all the details needed to create your video. We will then draft a script and email it to you for approval, after that we will produce and deliver the video. Once you have uploaded it to youtube we will then hit it with the SEO and send you a report.
Do you guarantee results?
As much as we would like to, we can't. Due to factors such as your keyword research and your offer, which we have no control over.
Can I check the script?
Yes, we need your approval of the finalised script before we can do the voice over.
Can I make revisions?
You can only revise the script. After that is approved we don't have time to do anymore changes. We will fix any mistakes or errors we may make though.
Can I choose the voice over, music, or the style of animation?
No, to keep the price low and the delivery quick, the animation style and voice will be in the same style as this video:

and we will pick music that fits best (we have awesome taste).
Can I get a refund?
Due to the low price and intense work involved we can't offer refunds, sorry.
You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime before we commission the voice over, after that it's too late to change your mind.
"Why should I pay all that when 'crappyvideos' etc. will create a video for $5"
Buy from crappyvideos then! We are not even going to debate the price in relation to other so called 'video' providers. This is for experienced IMs who are NOT 'penny wise pound foolish'.

FYI: Only serious JVs need apply..
This IS for people who are:
Experienced IMs who want a custom video creation service that balances quality, affordability and quick delivery, as well as providing amazing SEO that makes a 1st page result and higher visitor conversions more likely.

This is NOT for people who are:
Clueless n00bs, magic pill quickfix seekers, bargain hunting serial refund trolls.

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