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Fuad Tolieb
11-22-2012, 04:33 PM
Hey guys, I wanted to open this thread and properly introduce myself

I'm Fuad Tolieb and for those who have been around the Warrior Forum, there's a great chance you might have heard of me through one of my best-selling WSO's.

I got first introduced to the whole internet thing when I was selling Real Estate certificates to investors. We didn't use the internet to drive traffic to our sites, we just used it to find potential buyers.

As I continued my work within RE, I realized that I wanted to do something for myself, especially since I found a lot of ways to connect buyers with sellers online. This caused me to dig a little bit deeper and started to do affiliate marketing.

I'm currently building on a few authority tools for businesses, online and offline, who want to get more exposure online and build their brand.

At the same time, I'm launching WSO's and FSO's as it's a great way to build a buyers list and get feedback for your products really fast

I also work with clients that I coach personally and since recently started building a mobile app

With all of that said, I'm always open to help, support and partner with like-minded people and build relationships.

I believe JVNotifyPro to be a great resource for savvy marketers who want to position themselves between authority figures by bringing something valuable to the table.

So yeah, thats what I plan to do, bring something valuable to the table in the hopes it might help someone out.

All the best to you!


Mike Merz
11-23-2012, 09:06 AM
Welcome to JVNP 2.0, Fuad ... and thanks for the props. ;)

Congrats on the WSO success ... you'll notice that we have a number of WSO and FSO Pros in the ranks, so you should feel right at home. ;)


Mike Sr