View Full Version : Introducing myself: Ozer Tayiz, JV Broker In Training, Coached by Willie Crawford

Ozer Tayiz
10-25-2012, 07:38 PM

I'm new to JV brokering. I am being trained and coached by Willie Crawford to become a top JV broker. I have not done my first big JV launch project yet. I'm waiting for Willie to find a good JV deal for me, which might take a while. In the meantime I'm offering my services as a writer, copywriter, and SEO link builder, to make money for today. Right now I'm also working on offering a WSO, where I interviewed Willie about his JV brokering career, and building it into a product.

I'm originally from Turkey, but now I'm living in Ecuador. I was a bit too much concerned about too much conflict in middle east, too much economic crisis in Europe, which might both effect Turkey in a bad way. And if there is too much trouble in Turkey, I want to be away from it.

Of all things, I value my freedom the most. So my personal interests range from Internet Marketing to create a passive income, to offshore bank accounts and companies, even 2nd passports, to permaculture, ecovillages, self-sufficient lifestyles, survivalism, self-defense combatives, self-help and psychology, anything that can help an individual to be self-sufficient, powerful and free.

In time, I hope I can become a Top JV Broker, like my mentor and coach Willie Crawford. I'm also grateful that Mike has built this JVNotifyPro site. It is a very useful site, not just to find and promote JV deals and new launches, but also to really become a better JV broker, and create connections with other fellow IM'ers, product owners, affiliates, and other JV brokers.

Let me know if I help any of you with anything.

Mike Merz
10-26-2012, 09:55 AM
Welcome to JVNP 2.0, Ozer ... ;)

We have a number of Willie's students, both past and present, in the ranks ... as well as Willie, himself. ;)

Willie and I go WAY back ... I'm proud to call him a peer, partner + friend.

You made a good choice, IMHO, all the way around, Ozer ... and I look forward to reading more from you. ;)


Mike Sr