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Delana Sevier
10-17-2012, 06:01 PM
Hi Everyone!

Anyone out there have a stake in the Law of Attraction / Self-Help / or Success Niche? I am looking to collaborate with more people to see if we can't organize a bit of momentum in these areas. I have a bit of pull I can contribute to the group, would like to see what we can do.

Anyone? :)

Thanks All!

~ Delana

Bruno Babic
01-18-2013, 12:12 PM
Hi Delana,

Sounds interesting to me. By the way, right now I am working on triggering a momentum in the areas of the law of attraction, self-help and success niches because they are all parts of my top 5 passions in life.

Anyway, what I am striving to achieve is to quite simply fit in the above areas into my dream vision of leading and fully enjoying an international playboy lifestyle based on my passion No.1 which is sexually attracting, socially entertaining and having an awesome sex with the hottest women on earth and naturally everything else that such glamorous lifestyle revolves around.

No, I am not joking and this is really and truly far from any joke if I have perhaps made you think that way in one way or another. My reply to you comes from the depth of my heart because if you re-read my words slowly and carefully you could soon realize that I wholeheartedly love helping people and especially super hot women who are one of the main sources of my true excitement and happiness achieve and fully enjoy their ever desired dream life or lifestyle.

Well, if you still can't see and realize how serious I am about what I am talking about and how we could potentially change the world in the areas of the law of attraction, self help and success niches, here's my latest reply to a pageant girls coach who I have by the way spontaneously approached via email while being a subscriber to his mailing list and based on the fact that I have initially decided to help him out with something that's wasn't directly linked with my passion No.1 and funnily enough before I even knew that he is a pageant girls coach.

So, here's my reply to him after he told me that the help I'd initially offered to him would be of a huge benefit to his audience of up and coming celebrities because he is a pageant girls coach:

Wow! Youíre kidding me! This sounds like my dream come true because my dream vision encompasses me socially entertaining the hottest women on earth and interacting with them in direction of transforming the way of leading an international playboy lifestyle together.

So, in short, my idea is to form a kind of international playboy lifestyle community where Iíd like to wholeheartedly enrich and transforms the lives of the hottest women as the main source of my real life energy and true excitement based on throwing in the topics of their huge interest and also me kind of surveying them on what they feel i might be talented in and that i could add as an additional value to them in terms of a celebrity entertainment lifestyle on top of my current skills, resources and contacts within seduction arts, sexual freedom and freely sharing your true sexual desires no matter what (by the way, i see this as the evergreen phenomenon where Iíd truly like to help both women and men totally liberate themseves from any kinds of sexual anxiety or fear), online marketing, personal growth as well as my true joy and pleasure seeing those hot women happy around me while partying together and me amusingly waving my hips and shoulders and moving like Jagger or entertaining like LMFAO, letís say, lol ;)

Steven, thanks for making my day. By the way, this is just the proof that when you truly decide to help somebody, you benefit out of it manyfolds and many good things that are closely aligned with your main passions automatically start to naturally and effortlessly flow to you like in your wildest dreams.

By the way, this all reminds me on the results of you just naturally focusing all your attention and energy on following and living your top passions in life thatís the things that you are truly passionate about and that really makes you alive.

Having said that Iíd like to let you know that I have learned the life-transforming secrets to leading a passionate life from the bestselling book thatís endorsed by some of the most successful people on earth like T Harv Eker and Jack Canfield and itís called ďThe Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your DestinyĒ. If youíd like a copy of this book, I am happy to email a pdf version for free.

Now I really feel that I could also easily become a new New York Times bestselling author by writing a book about living my top passions thanks to meeting you, Steven, lol. :)

Stay in touch :)


-- The End Of My Reply --

Now, Delana, if you think that you and I ciould somehow work together making a life-changing impact on transforming people's lives through promoting the benefits of the law of attraction, self help and success fields within the celebrity entertainmentb and international playboy lifestyle niches based on sharing my own dream vision with you here, I am inviting you to both email me at: bruno.babic.hr@gmail.com and also connect with me on Skype. My Skype ID is: bruno.bb100

Thank you.

Bruno Babic

David McMillen
03-06-2013, 07:07 PM
Hi Delana,

I have a number of online businesses. I am starting ebook on Kindle. The book I am working on is called "Success for Everyone". It probably doesn't bring a massive amont of new thoughts to the area but it really distills 20 years of reading self help books and seeking to apply the principles.

Online I have decent forex site. I know that this is a tough market but it is aimed at the UK which is where I live. I also have a real interest in this and blog, tweet etc. I also have various niche sites mainly in health; Arthritis, bakpain, depression etc. I a experimenting with a squeeze page. This is in addition to my professional occupation and fitness regime.

I am looking for someone who will partner with me on any of these areas. In particular you are interested in self help. I would be keen to see if we could do anything to help each other or even do a real jv. I have great contacts with a web designer, a great HTML bloke and SEO people. In addition I have funds to spend on carefully chosen projects.

I am not sure if any of this is interesting or suitable for you. I thought that there was no harm in asking.



Hi Everyone!

Anyone out there have a stake in the Law of Attraction / Self-Help / or Success Niche? I am looking to collaborate with more people to see if we can't organize a bit of momentum in these areas. I have a bit of pull I can contribute to the group, would like to see what we can do.

Anyone? :)

Thanks All!

~ Delana

vaduva darius
10-13-2014, 03:23 AM
Hi Delana,

I am happy to see people from this niche here.

I was having interest in this niche for a long time and also had success and profit with a couple of courses. I was most successful with a lucid dreaming course and working on a new course in the SELF HELP/ SUCCESS / LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you are still searching for people to work with, I am always interested in knowing new possible partners.

Darius Vaduva

Raza Illahe
07-12-2020, 01:51 AM
Hello everyone. I am just starting up in this area as well. I am not sure, If I have much to offer apart from a product. To be launched on 24th. However, it would be great if someone with a related audience could help me for some monetary reciprocal arrangement.