View Full Version : I would like to invite you all for a glass of champagne!

Ed Kirwan
08-14-2012, 05:14 AM
But don't get too excited please because I only said I'ld like to...
I didn't say I could... because I can't.

Why? You ask.

Well for one thing I live in Spain and it is probably a bit too far for you to travel
and anyway... I drank it all in celebration!

In celebration of what I hear you ask.

In celebration of the fact that I have finally mastered the best vehicle for internet
marketing that involves little SEO, little keyword research, no article writing or paid
ads or any of the other myriad of things we all try.

For goodness sake, what are you talking about Ed?

It was right there in front of me for 2 years before I finally got it.

Got what?

Video Marketing that's what! Its brilliant. It is quick, easy, works for any business in
any niche online or offline. I love it. And I suggest you try it too ;-)

So here I am, an easy-going Anglo/Irishman living happily on a quiet Andalusian mountain
side overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with my lovely Danish wife and I am here to
say "hello"

I look forward to buying some of you some real champagne one day once we get
this earning money online business really paying the big bucks!

Meantime, leave me a message or something and lets get to know each other.
Any video marketing tips welcomed and given too ;-)

Oh, I'm Ed Kirwan by the way.

If this was a letter it would have a PS. so

PS Was that the sort of intro you were looking for Mike? :-)

Mike Merz
08-14-2012, 10:02 AM
Ed, I honestly though I was on one of the major dating sites for a second ... was waiting on 'I like romantic walks on the beach in the moonlight' followed eventually by 'my sign is ...', not to outdone by 'though a manly man, I'm not above revealing my more sensitive, feminine side.' LOL

Seriously ... I always love it when an intro has a personal, adventurous, less generic spin to it. Looking forward to reading more from you .. ;)


Mike Sr

Malcolm Lambe
08-14-2012, 01:25 PM
Dom or nothing dude. Cheap champagne gives me a headache. Oh yeah - welcome to the arena.