View Full Version : Hey Everyone NetSurfers Here

George Wase
08-11-2012, 07:05 PM
I wanted to thank you personally. For all the help I've gotten from you.
You are one of the few good guys left on the internet today. Man there is a lot of vultures out there.
I would have answered you sooner but I have not got my autorespounder hooked up yet.
That and I type 20 minutes a word. Oh I mean 20 words a minute. That right.
Anyways I hope I can do the same for you one day. That is when I am a millionaire.
And its coming soon I can feel it. But I think I'm a long way off according to bank account.
Have to find another domain name because I lost my old one.
I am really kind of new to all this. I could really use some help on this.
If you wouldn't mind. PLEASE and THANK YOU !!!
I was thinking Partner Marketing Software
Open for suggestions. I have an open mind. And an open heart.
Life has taught me to think. But thinking has not taught me how to live. So Live and learn.

I better go before I say to much. I know to late. :cool: CYA NetSurfers :cool: