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Andie Starz
07-24-2012, 10:03 PM
Andie Starz - Blazing Hip Hop Beats Library - JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, July 26th 2012

Welcome to the most exciting JV Launch of the Year “Blazing Hip Hop Beats, the Bundle”.

My name is Andie Starz, I am a Hip Hop Music Producer along with my husband and partner Lucky Lukie, Senior Producer of the Blazing Hip Hop Beats Bundle and Catalog.

The product that you are going to promote is a professionally mixed and mastered Hip Hop instrumental library for film composers, Television producers, Hip Hop artists, Websites, Advertisers and Media.

This library is a tour de force of original sound design, royalty free and sample free Hip Hop Production. We are a member of Getty Images’ Pump Audio and we have a long track record of service for Film, Media and TV. The name of our production house is Cash Castle Beats.

Our instrumentals usually are priced at $1500 USD for a single non-exclusive license but we decided to release our entire premium catalog for only $2,000 USD. We are giving you 50% of each sale you generate, which is $1,000 USD. This is an amazing price for such a vast and huge bundle.

Every instrumental was mixed and mastered at Cash Castle’s state of the art studio. Every instrumental was mixed and mastered to broadcast specifications. The dynamics in our music are due to the fact that we are advocates of the K-System created by the legendary music engineer Bob Katz. The K-System is a way to ensure that the original fidelity and dynamics are left in the music due to the true peak metering of the K-14 threshold. The music is alive and full of headroom so broadcasting experts can manipulate the gain and reduction depending on their specific needs without distorting the original mix.

We are Hip Hop production experts and we put our best foot forward in making sure these instrumentals are perfect for film scores, Television, Media and Advertisements. These instrumentals are perfect for main stream Hip Hop artists and upcoming independent artists. They are in lossless 16 bit .wav file format and are sequenced in song structure.

As an affiliate you will earn a whopping $1,000 commission for every sale you generate through Payloadz.

The actual download product is a .zip folder with two folders enclosed; each with 25 beats, totaling 50 beats in pristine lossless .wav format and a non-exclusive lifetime license in .pdf format. This license has no retail cap and is royalty free so if someone makes millions of dollars from a blockbuster movie all we ask for is the attributed credit.

There is a no refund policy enforced due to the nature of Hip Hop instrumentals. Every affiliate should know that expressing any type of return policy or refund policy will forfeit their commissions. There is zero tolerance for SPAM and using the word “scam” attached to anything in this launch.

We are launching on the July 26th officially. To get your custom affiliate link so you can earn your $1,000 commissions and bonuses go to ...

Andie Starz - Blazing Hip Hop Beats Library - JV Invite (http://www.jvnewswatch.com/offer/show/826-Andie_Starz_-_Blazing_Hip_Hop_Beats_Library)