View Full Version : Hello to one and all

Guy Wigley-Smith
05-08-2012, 07:52 AM
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Guy, I live near Birmingham (UK) and am currently one of the "Great Unwashed" - (That's unemployed to the uninitiated). Although I am an "Oldie"! I'm also a bit of a "Newbie" when it comes to the intricacies and complexities of Internet Marketing. Although this is my preferred method with which I would like to earn my income and become financially independent; To date I've made some pretty poor decisions which have cost me dearly. I think that I've had a case of Information Overload, and not being able to tell the "Wheat from the Chaff", have ended up so confused that I didn't and most probably still don't know, which way is up or forward?
The truth be told, the reason I'm here is so that I can hopefully gain some clarity; Get some good, solid, honest advice that will point me in the right direction. Right now I'm in no position whatsoever to give advice to, or make comment on anyone or anything.
In the long term, I look forward to not only learning from the "Learned and Successful" and be successful myself but also forge some long lasting friendships/relationships and ultimately become a worthy contributor to these pages.
Thank you for your time.