View Full Version : High-End Products, If You Have a List Then Check This Out

Katheryn Olsen
02-29-2012, 03:53 PM
I have been a full-time internet marketing since 1994 and I live in Utah. I've had many successful websites over the years and have been a full-time internet marketing mentor/coach since 2000.

Over the years, I've also developed over 60 website designs, logos and host these websites, as well. Both for myself and a few select clients.

I've developed products over the years and have had a sales floor selling my info-products and coaching packages.

Well, the sales floor I had been using for the past 5 years are refocusing on real estate investing training. Internet Marketing sales is not where they want to be, even though I have made them over $2Mil in the last few years. The downside...they own the contact list...ouch! I am starting from scratch.

I have copyrighted curriculum in a few different areas and I have built up a membership site that includes high-end coaching programs that I fulfill. I have a support team on my end to assist in fulfillment.

I have a do-it-yourself approach where I teach how to start and run a successful website, and I have a do-it-for-you approach, as well.

The main project I am looking to launch with a few select JV partners is at eWebMentoring.com.

You can research my background at my corporate website at CoachKat.com and you can also see my design, hosting and SEO info at MyWebsiteHQ.com.

I'm not looking for any capital investment, I have all ready invested in everything I need for the launch.

What I am Looking For:

* Someone who has a large contact list
* Someone who has a webinar conference account we can use that can accommodate more than 200 attendees
* Motivated to help me launch this first venture and if successful and meets all goals and benchmarks, to help me launch additional high-end info products in the IM niche and Self-Help/Spirituality niche
* Someone who has integrity...who will keep appointments with me, whether it be telephone appt's through skype or webinars we schedule together
* Someone who is familiar with building affiliate sales forces. I am registered with DigiResults which allows for the percentage to be split as agreed and automatically tracked
* Someone who is preferably based in the U.S. and has an established home office/office
* Someone who has a track record of successful product launches

I am looking to pay a healthy percentage of profits for this JV and I am only looking for a select few that meet this criteria (or at least most of it). Anywhere between 20-40% (negotiable).

Please email me (coachkat101 at msn.com) these details:

Your track record of success in past product launches
How many you have in your contact list
A way to contact you (telephone, email, skype ID)

Confidentiality on the topics discussed is expected. All info products are copyrighted.

Expected gross profits from each webinar launch is approximately $150K - $200K. That's if my schedule gets filled up. The schedule is rotated about every 10-12 weeks, so do the math...this is a lucrative and REAL opportunity for the right people.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,