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11-26-2011, 01:54 PM
Elizabeth Hovirag - Qigong Made Easy - JV Invite
Launch Day: Thursday, December 8th 2011


I would like to share with you a great opportunity.

*I'm about to launch something that will benefit you and I and the clients :).

It's called: Qigong Made EasyQigong Made Easy is an easy to learn and do basic Qigong course that guarantees that every participant's health and fitness will greatly improve from doing it within the first 2 weeks of practice.

I have taught Qigong for several years and tracked people's improvement as well. Even in cases when the doctors could "do nothing" this qigong method yielded "miracles" within two weeks of practice.

Qigong Made Easy has only TWO objectives for every participant:

* Every participant will experience improvement in their state of health within 4 weeks*

MORE IMPORTANTLY *- EVERY participant will UNDERSTAND what they are doing - so they can go and REPEAT the process time and time again.

Qigong Made Easy focuses on long term health and fitness. Everybody can start doing it, no matter how serious illness they are suffering from and get results within weeks of practice.

All payouts and stats are tracked through Payspree.

LAUNCH DAY: THURSDAY 8th December2011

Launch Day is THURSDAY 8th December 2011 12pm GMT

I'd be thrilled to have your support.

The feedback so far has been nothing short of incredible.To find out more - the contests - our AMAZING JV Resource centre - and everything else that you will need to knock this out of the park - please visit the exclusive Partner Invite Page below.


Thank you for your time - Life is a promise. Fulfill it. ~Mother Teresa

To our success with Qigong Made Easy

Elizabeth Hovirag

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