View Full Version : JV Listbuilding Opportunity - The Golden Rule

Elan Pfalzgraf
11-24-2011, 12:57 AM
I am looking for multiple partner's that are in the process of building an opt-in email list in internet marketing. You must, obviously, have a nice squeeze page set up and are bringing in new subscribers each day. This idea is huge and is going to be a way for everyone involved to explode their email lists. I am working on a goal of 100,000 quality opt-in subscribers in my aweber account, and you can be a part of it. I am buying high quality solos, ad swaps, and running websites with traffic to get high quality subscribers.

The requirements are:

Must have a real opt-in list started... not a spammy email blast to strangers list
Must have a squeeze page that looks nice and converts well
Must already be gaining subscribers on a daily basis (doesn't have to be like 500 per day, just a steady flow)

How it works is this:

We each set up a mailing in our autoresponders for our list. I would set mine up as the 3rd day mailout (for my first partner, 4th for my second partner, and so on), I would expect the same from my partners. Your mailing on the 3rd day will promote my "free product" and send your subscribers to my squeeze page. I do the same, and set your mailing up in my aweber account and send my subscribers to your squeeze page on my 3rd day mailing. I find more partners, you find more partners and it multiplies. It's an easy concept... give and receive.

You can actually duplicate your squeeze page to a new squeeze page to track the subscribers that your partner is providing easily to make sure each partner is contributing. It works great no matter if you have already have a 100,000 subscriber list or only a 1,000 list. As long as you are continuously promoting your squeeze page and I am promoting mine then it is mutually beneficial.

It's an easy concept, actually created by one of the top listbuilders in the world, Tellman.

Contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This is going to be huge, so let's work together and blow up our lists with high quality subscribers.