View Full Version : Does Gravity "Really" Matter??

03-08-2011, 03:44 AM
Hey fellas,

I have seen many people misunderstanding the "Clickbank Gravity". According to Clickbank, Gravity is

Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the vendor's products.

So, even if 1 affiliate makes 10 sales, your gravity is going to be only 1!

Does it actually matter? No and Yes..... Let me explain....

Why No?

Well, lets say you manage to get 1 JV on board for your product, who has a list of say 5000.

He mails out. And say, you make $3,000 on a $30 product at 50% for affiliates..Thats 200 sales? Alright.

So what is your gravity? 1!

Now, lets say you have 50 affiliates. And all of them get you 1 sale each. So you make $750! In this case, your gravity is 50!

So you made more money with 1 gravity than in 50! This is what I wanted to tell you.

Why Yes?

Well, because, sometimes, the things can go opposite. The JV might notbe able to make you sales and thus not money either.

The point of this thread was to clear the doubt of having more gravity.

NOTE: Having more gravity is ok, it is excellent, but it doesnt mean you make more money.

Feel free to ask your questions.