View Full Version : Hello From (STILL COLD) Newport, RI!

Rick Wilson
03-31-2011, 01:35 AM
Hi All!

I'm Rick Wilson (aka CorpRebel), working from my place in Newport, RI. I've been pretty much a fulltime affiliate marketer since the early 2000s and also dabble a bit in day trading (for a little variety). Mr. Merz has put up with me for many years now. heh heh

But I must say, Mr. Merz ... Looks like you and Mike Jr. have certainly been QUITE busy. LOOKING GOOD around here in the new "digs"! http://www.cashjunction.com/forum-images/rockroll.gif


http://www.ebizrantzandravez.com/images/rickakacorp_blk2.gif (http://www.ebizrantzandravez.com) :cool:

Mike Merz
03-31-2011, 09:13 AM
Hey, Rebel ... great to see you've decided to check out the new digs. ;)

Even better is that there's still a lot more to come before we're live for Prime Time ... you ain't seen nothing, yet! LOL

We got pushed back a bit waiting on 'approval' ... but we should be flicking on the Master switch before the day is out. ;)

Looking forward to your contributions, my friend!